Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do you know where to drill a new well?

A. We drill the well in a place that makes the most mechanical sense while still following state and local regulations.

Q: How deep do you have to drill?

A. In our service area, the typical water well we drill requires a depth of 80' to 120'.  However, each well is different and is based on the geology of the area where the will is drilled.

Q: What if you don't find water?

A. If we do drill a well that results in no water being found (a dry hole) we substantially discount our fee for the service.  We make every attempt to locate safe drinking water, but in some counties, water is a scarce resource.

Q: Why Constant Pressure pumps instead of standard pumps?

A: With constant pressure, you will no longer experience drops in water pressure under heavier than normal use.  Torn on the dishwasher, and then jump into the shower - with constant pressure, your water pressure remains the same because the pump compensates for the increased demand.

Q:  Do you offer Emergency Service?

A:  Yes!  We do our very best to get to your place within the same day of your call.  If you are out of water and you need a new well drilled, we offer next day service.

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